Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wireless not detected on Windows Server 2008

Folks as part of SharePoint 2010, I have recently i7CPU Intel based Labtop. Now this guy is going to be my development box for SharePoint 2010. I have installed Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. I want to Add Hyper-V on top of this OS. Well the concept is I'm gonna have VM with windows server 2003, another one with Windows Server 2003 which will run SharePoint 2007. The final VM I want to build needs to run all the latest technologies including SharePoint 2010.

Now back to the Installation of Windows Server 2008 on my labtop, I have noticed that the Wireless was not picking up any network connections. I checked Network and Sharing Center but did not see anything odd. After searching around on internet, I decided to check roles and features. I noticed that the feature call Wireless LAN Service was not installed. Hmm, this is the cause of the problem. I followed the following steps to address this issue.
go to start ->Administrative Tools->Server manager
Click on the features, then click on Add Features, scroll down and check Wireless LAN Service
Then click OK

As I'm creating SharePoint Dev machines from the ground up on the Hyper-V. I'm expecting issues along the way. Please check this blog.